Project Program


date day time activities responsible (last change: 4.4.19)
08.04. Mo ca. 14.00 arrival (minibus) SWE-Team,
      meet the partners, lunch drinks: M.Koszowski, food: H. Sauermilch
    15.00 trip with horses, barbeque T. Jahn, SWE-Team
09.04. Tu 9.00 visit tour vocational school Oschersleben
German students
    10.00 photo-safari Oschersleben R. Dorawa, German students
    11.45 - 12.30 lunch at Claudius catering M. Koszowski, German students
    13-14.30 preparing the project R.Meinck
    15-16 Uhr indoor-sports (Volleyball) in Wanzleben F. Kramme, gymnasium Wanzleben
10.04. We 8.00 work at project R.Meinck
    14.00 Optical Telegraph station, Neuwegersleben M. Koszowski, E. Wedde
    15.00 trip to German frontier memorial  15.30 in Hötensleben R.Dorawa, T.Przibylla Hötensleben
11.04. Th 8.00 work at project work with partners,  R.Meinck
    14.00 trip to Magdeburg (Kart + cathedral,centre) T.Przibylla, R. Dorawa, F. Kramme
12.04. Fr 8.00 trip to Berlin, citytour, +individual time Minibus, T. Przibylla, T. Jahn
13.04. Sa  
family program
German students
14.04. Su   family program German students
15.04. Mo 8.00 work at project Partnerarbeit, dt. LL., R.Meinck
16.04. Tu 8.00 visit tour chips factory (agrarfrost) H.Sauermilch, E. Wedde
    10.00 Motorsport Arena (racing area - visiting tour)  
    11.45-12.30 lunch at Claudius catering H.Sauermilch, E. Wedde
    12.3O trip to the Harz mountains, picknick Th.Przibylla, H. Sauermilch
17.04. We 8.00
trip to the firms of the students
car service, avacon - apptrentice firms
    15 Uhr farewell party, vovational school OC barbeque: M.Koszowski,E.W.,salats: H.Sauerm.
18.04. Th ca. 9.00 departure of the Swedish friends SWE Team, E.Wedde